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Stream/Video BGM, SFX, & More~

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About Arkhand

Hi, I'm Arkhand - a therapist by day and musician and streamer by night/whenever I find free time. My style can be described as chill video-game BGM, though I also have some experience on lofi, kawaii bass, and synthwave. I'm down to try anything!

I have done various music commissions for several indie VTubers/artists, talents of VTuber Corporations (HololiveEN, Phase Connect), and 7MDigital/his art team 7MC. I also do fan tracks and video game remixes for fun!

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The best way to contact me is either here, Twitter DMs, email or Discord. Please keep in mind my terms and conditions before commissioning!

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Price List

All prices include commercial use

BGM Loop (60-120+ Seconds)


Loopable BGM you can play for starting/ending, just chatting...etc. Price will vary depending on instrumentation, complexity, length. Average length is about 90 seconds.

BGM and SFX combo


BGM Loop with 2-3 SFX based on the BGM. This is inclusive of both, though SFX are valued lower because they are effectively produced in the BGM itself! Useful if you like having a recurring theme across your stream.

Animal Crossing/Stardew-like BGM (~30-60 Seconds)


~45-60 BGM second loop with 3-4 instruments and percussion. Comparable to simple Animal Crossing tracks (for example, guitar, bass, accordion, percussion)

I also can do even more limited instrumentation (ex: just piano, music box) like this for a bit longer at around same price! 



A one-time, no changes request. You pay upfront and take what you get, like skeb! This work will mostly be streamed as well. Price varies depending on complexity/genre.

SFX (2-5 seconds)

~$8-10 each

Custom SFX for alerts (follows, subscribe, etc). My samples can be found on Soundcloud:

Price depends on changes requested/complexity. 

Original Song


An full original song just for you - this will include the full instrumental and topline for melody. Additional mix/mastering will be extra depending on what else is needed. Length is around 3 minutes or so.

Instrumental (Cover)


I can make an instrumental for a song you are covering! Genres I've done:

Happy Hardcore
Future Bass

Please keep in mind if there is no existing midi/sheet music/ other similar reference available for your song, it will take me significantly longer to cover since I will be transcribing it by ear. I will credit anyone who's transcription I use. 



You may also request for variations (ex: music box variant) of your piece for a small fraction of the original price, the price will vary depending on how much additional work it is.

For example, a full remix may be treated as an entirely new BGM, a slight variation in production or something with minimal instrumentation will be significantly less.


Let's Talk!

If you'd like another music or sound-based project from me that isn't listed here, let's talk about it! Send me an email at my listed address or a message on Twitter/Discord!

Other things I've done include remixes, ambience, original song tracks, and mixing (mostly for personal projects). 

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Commission ToS

Please read before contacting about commissions! 

* Price listed is USD. I accept payment through Paypal invoicing. 

* Prices may slightly vary depending on complexity and length - for example, less instrumentation will be on the lower end, more instruments/sound design increase the price towards the higher end. 

* I will send you a very rough draft before requesting payment. We can discuss limited changes as the music progresses. Please be aware that for significant/multiple changes, I reserve the right to increase the price. 

* By agreeing to commission me, you also agree to me potentially streaming some of my work on your piece(s). I am also okay to work on it privately at your request, but please note that this may result in a longer wait. For non-disclosure agreement work, all work will remain strictly private until after the piece is released, of course. 

* I reserve the right to prioritize works with NDA, tight deadlines, corporate requests, or projects I feel more qualified for. 

* You may use my music on Twitch, YouTube, and for promotional videos. I humbly ask that you credit me as well! Linking my Twitter account is enough. 

* When commissioning me, it is very helpful to provide examples or similar vibes/tracks you are looking for. Even better, I'd love to know your preferred instrumentation! 

* Due to my work schedule, I am unable to take on multiple commissions at once/have a waitlist. Currently, I can take on 2-3 requests at a time every 4 weeks or so. Please understand this and if I am unable to take your commission or feel unqualified, I may open more up in the future. 

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Google Form*

When you're ready, answer this survey here! If your  will be in touch via Twitter/Discord, whatever you prefer

*This Google form will be open when I have open commissions, announced on Twitter. You may still see contact below if you wish to inquire despite this status, as I may be able to take your request regardless of what I have on Twitter. 

Regardless of commission status, I can always be reached at my email:

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